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Please find below a brief sampling of our satisfied and grateful patients. Note that in order to protect client confidentiality, personal information has not been given.

Testimonial: Medical

The most noteworthy aspect of consulting with
Dr. Nirmala is the personal attention she gives to her patients. She takes the initiative to follow up to know how the treatment is coming along, and is accessible on calls and messages and addresses all concerns. This level of engagement is hardly seen among doctors anymore.

Testimonial: Counselling

I have been seeing Chris for a couple of months now. I have found him to be an excellent listener, and a no-nonsense voice of counsel. He calls a spade a spade, and doesn't sugarcoat things. While this may not work for everyone, I personally found it very helpful and beneficial to my situation. He not only helped me get out of a pit of depression I was in, but he even helped me rebuild myself and my outlook on life. He also listens sincerely to both partners, and weighs their feelings and experiences when offering counsel. Rather than instructing, he discusses matters and helps both partners reach a mutual decision regarding further steps. I would recommend him highly.

Testimonial: Medical

Great experience with Doc. Patient at listening and then suggesting medication. Two thumbs up!
Will definitely visit again!

Testimonial: Counselling

It was like I experienced an hour of customised conversation with a book. The book asked important and relevant questions and while answering them I understood myself better. Life changing experience indeed.

Testimonial: Medical

I consulted Dr. Nirmala twice and the experience so far has been above satisfaction. Anybody looking for a general physician should consult Dr. Nirmala and get a worthy experience.

Testimonial: Counselling

He is the most sweetest doctor I have met. He is friendly and guided me in such a way that I could find answer within myself. He is not at all judgmental and one can share almost everything.
I had two sessions with him and I feel better and relieved myself. He sometimes let us talk even the stipulated time is over and if no patients are waiting. That is why I had chosen him in the first place.
I really appreciate his patience in listening to me. Thanks a ton! :)

Testimonial: Medical

Heartwarming to finally meet a doctor who showed genuine interest in understanding my condition.
It really has been years since I've met a doctor with whom I've felt assured and comfortable.
She explained the issue and the reason
for each medicine.

Testimonial: Counselling

Visited for Marriage/ Marital Counselling. I benefitted a lot from the counseling session which was carried out very professionally. Christopher is a good listener, gives space, asks soul searching appropriate questions and is able to comprehensively get the essence of the matter.
I would definitely recommend him.

Healthcare News: Latest

Community Transmission & Prevention of COVID-19.

Information and Education Initiative by the Citizens for Civic Action (CfCA 112) – Ward 112

COVID 19 can cause mild, moderate or severe illness that can affect not just the lungs, but also other organs such as eyes, abdomen, brain, skin, etc. 

A person infected with COVID may need admission in the hospital at times even ICU.

Healthcare News

Informative articles, videos and health news
that may be useful for you.

Swine Flu: A killer that can be stopped.

Swine flu (or H1N1 influenza) is a type of influenza caused by a virus that is mainly seen in pigs (swine). However the virus has crossed over from pigs to humans (as a zoonotic disease).


The simplest thing in the world - washing hands.

I see many people come to my clinic with diarrhoea or vomiting and sometimes both. My advice always has been to tell them that from henceforth always wash hands before eating.


Over the Counter Medication - Is it wise?

OTC medicines are quite freely available in India and many people find it quite convenient to purchase medicines on an SOS basis. However, is it the wisest thing to do?


Dengue - Treatment by Dr. Nirmala Rajagopalan.

Dengue is an infection that spreads from one person to another through mosquito bites.

It is hence seen in areas where mosquito infestation is high.


HIV / AIDS prevention by
Dr. Nirmala Rajagopalan.

Why is so much importance given to prevention of HIV/AIDS?

The answer is is a disease that can easily be prevented.


How can you avoid falling sick during the Monsoons.

Most of us wait for the rains and we love the feel of the water and the weather. However, there are also some infections that are commonly associated with the monsoon.


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All consultation by prior appointment only.

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