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How can you avoid falling sick
during the Monsoons.

Most of us wait for the rains and we love the feel of the water and the weather associated with the monsoon. However, there are also some infections that are commonly associated with the monsoon.

With a little care from our side, we can avoid these infections from affecting us and our loved ones.

Query: What are the 3 most common diseases associated with the monsoon?

Answer: Malaria, Typhoid and Hepatitis A

This infection is caused by mosquitoes. There will be shivering followed by fever at regular intervals (usually around the same time every day). There may also be headache and body pain. 

Protect yourself from mosquitoes by using repellents or nets. Mosquitoes multiply where there is stagnant water. So if there are open drains or other areas of water collection near your house, you could ask the corporation authorities to spray it with mosquito repellent.

This infection is caused by consuming contaminated (impure) water and food. There will be fever which starts increasing in intensity. There may be a rash, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Ensure that you drink only safe water which comes from a reliable source. Water from taps or wells and meant for drinking should be boiled and stored in a closed container. Food should be consumed only if it is prepared in a clean manner and is fresh.

The person cooking or serving the food must wash their hands with soap and water before they do so. We must always wash our hands with soap and water before eating.

Consult with your doctor regarding getting a vaccination.

Hepatitis A:
This infection spreads through flies. A person acquires the infection by eating food on which these flies have sat.

This infection is associated with fever, headache and vomiting. The person may develop rashes and after about 3 to 10 days will develop jaundice.  

Always eat freshly prepared food. Ensure that any food is stored in a clean place away from flies.  

 Always wash your hands with soap and water before eating. 

How to stay healthy and enjoy the monsoon?

• Make sure that the water and food you have is clean.

• Wash your hands with soap and water before eating.

• Make sure that your surroundings are free from flies and mosquitoes.

So now that you are equipped with information to stay healthy, have a good splash in the rains :) 

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