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Swine Flu: A killer that can be stopped.

Swine flu (or H1N1 influenza) is a type of influenza caused by a virus that is mainly seen in pigs (swine). However the virus has crossed over from pigs to humans (as a zoonotic disease).

Swine flu initially looks like a common cold with running nose, throat pain and cough. If dealt with on time and diagnosed early, the swine flu can easily be treated. However neglecting the symptoms can lead to worsening of cough and lead to respiratory infection. At this stage the person would require hospital admission.

Prevention of swine flu:

1. Get vaccinated against H1N1: The vaccine has to be taken at-least by August, i.e. before the onset of flu season. It should be given on advice by a physician only. The vaccine works for 1 year and hence need to be taken once a year.

2. People diagnosed with H1N1 should stay away from crowded places so that they can avoid the spread of the virus to others.

3. Practice basic hygiene: Covering the mouth while coughing or sneezing, no spitting in public places.

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