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Community Transmission & Prevention
of COVID-19

Information and Education Initiative by the Citizens for Civic Action (CfCA 112) – Ward 112

COVID-19 can cause mild, moderate or severe illness that can affect not just the lungs, but also other organs such as eyes, abdomen, brain, skin, etc. A person infected with COVID may need admission in the hospital at times even ICU. 

Anyone with fever, throat pain, breathlessness, cough, loss of taste/smell should go to the designated fever clinics and get checked up. 

There are some people who may be COVID-19 positive, but they don’t have symptoms. But the infection can still spread from them to others.

Modes of transmission:

§ Aerosol Infection (droplets in the air carry the virus) 

§ By a person infected with the virus sneezing or coughing

§ Touching surfaces that carry the virus. The virus can survive between 2 hrs to 9 days on a surface.

§ From toilets especially when an infected person uses the lavatory and then flushes. The fine water particles from the toilet can carry the virus.

§ Rubbing nose, mouth, eyes after touching infected surfaces

Prevention of Transmission:


§ Wear mask at all times while in public spaces. This includes when going to hand over waste every morning to the garbage collectors or while going out on any work

§ Sanitize / clean hands with either alcohol-based sanitizers or with soap and water every time you touch a surface that has been touched by other random contacts. This includes items delivered from outside to your home or after going out on errands

§ Packaged items that come from outside need to be sanitized using alcohol wipes and / or by keeping aside without using for at-least 72 hrs

§ Maintain 2 meters social distancing while out in public
While coughing or sneezing use a tissue to cover nose and mouth or cough into the elbow


§ While out on errands or out in public do not touch your face with unwashed hands

§ Do not go out in crowds

§ Do not drink or eat from the same utensils as others. Eg: sharing a cup of chai

§ Do not spit in public places

§ Do not smoke and if smoking, do not share cigarettes

§ Do not go out unless absolutely necessary. Exercise should be done at home. If a person carrying the COVID virus walks ahead of you and coughs, it can get transmitted through the air and inhaling it could cause infection. Hence if walking outside, wear a mask and avoid going in crowds

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