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Niramai Clinic: Overview

Your friendly neighborhood clinic.

Mr. Christopher Skill and Dr. Nirmala Rajagopalan are both health care professionals with considerable experience in their respective fields. Both of them had dedicated their early careers to work within the NGO sector where they felt their respective expertise was most needed. Areas of expertise include: Counselling, Family Counselling, Stress, Emotional wellbeing, Relationship Counselling, HIV medicine, STD, General health, Counselling, Family Counselling, Stress, Emotional well being, Relationship Counselling, Dietary Management, Weight Loss, Diabetes Dietary Management.

After over a decade of service, they were convinced it was time to start a new chapter in their lives and cater to a more diverse population and thus, Niramai Clinic was launched in August 2011. 

Healthcare Team

Providing comprehensive and highest standards of medical care near you.

Niramai Clinic: Dr. Nirmala Rajagopalan

Dr. Nirmala Rajagopalan

General Physician
MBBS, Advanced PG Diploma Hospital Administration, Fellowship in HIV Medicine
P: +919740396709

Nirmala set up the Niramai Clinic with a view to make treatment affordable for the common man. She is a full-time doctor at the clinic and wants to revive the concept of family physicians. Having worked since 1999, Nirmala has a vast and rich experience in the field of medicine.


Niramai Clinic: Mr. Christopher David Skill

Mr. Christopher David Skill

Counselling Consultant
Diploma in Psychological Counselling
P: +918971832591

Christopher is passionate about family and relationships and helping people get through issues around this.

With this in mind, in 2016, he moved from his leadership role in the NGO sector to focus completely on Counselling.


The Wellberry: Dietary Consultation

Dr. Nirmala Rajagopalan:
Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist
(American Nutrition Association).

Dr. Nirmala: Before - Feb 2019, After - Aug 2021

BEFORE: FEB 2019 | AFTER: AUG 2021

Dr. Nirmala: Before - July 2019, After - Sept 2021

BEFORE: JUL 2019 | AFTER: SEP 2021

Hey there! This is Dr. Nirmala and I want to share my wellness journey with you.

I've been overweight right from the age of 3 and this one fact has affected my whole life as I grew up. Bullying and body shaming was so regular that it began to affect my confidence. I started of with being a cute and chubby little child and grew up to become morbidly obese.

From the time I remember, I have always exercised…. whether Jane Fonda's aerobics, gymming or yoga. I was always trying out some diet or the other. With all of that I was still 'the fatty'.

My health became a cause of concern for everyone who loved me. My husband was always worried about me walking alone because there were times I would lose my balance and fall. Seeing me having to use a machine to breathe at night left him feeling helpless as well.

A few years prior to this, while doing a course on diabetes, there was a brief mention about the role of insulin in obesity. I remembered this and decided to start reading up and educating myself about it. With this started my "wellness journey".

Today I am 30kgs lighter and off diabetes medication. My BP meds have been reduced and I no longer need the C-pap machine at night. I am energetic and don't have unexplainable pain.

Today it is my passion to educate and guide people who have insulin resistance related problems like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, high (bad) cholesterol, auto-immune disorders, non-alcoholic fatty liver and other related health issues.

I work very closely with my clients and have a hands-on approach. I customize the food style (I don't call it a "diet") based on each person's clinical condition and also their personal preferences.

Healthcare News: Latest

Community Transmission & Prevention of COVID-19.

Information and Education Initiative by the Citizens for Civic Action (CfCA 112) – Ward 112

COVID 19 can cause mild, moderate or severe illness that can affect not just the lungs, but also other organs such as eyes, abdomen, brain, skin, etc. 

A person infected with COVID may need admission in the hospital at times even ICU.

Healthcare News

Informative articles, videos and health news
that may be useful for you.

Swine Flu: A killer that can be stopped.

Swine flu (or H1N1 influenza) is a type of influenza caused by a virus that is mainly seen in pigs (swine). However the virus has crossed over from pigs to humans (as a zoonotic disease).


The simplest thing in the world - washing hands.

I see many people come to my clinic with diarrhoea or vomiting and sometimes both. My advice always has been to tell them that from henceforth always wash hands before eating.


Over the Counter Medication - Is it wise?

OTC medicines are quite freely available in India and many people find it quite convenient to purchase medicines on an SOS basis. However, is it the wisest thing to do?


Dengue - Treatment by Dr. Nirmala Rajagopalan.

Dengue is an infection that spreads from one person to another through mosquito bites.

It is hence seen in areas where mosquito infestation is high.


HIV / AIDS prevention by
Dr. Nirmala Rajagopalan.

Why is so much importance given to prevention of HIV/AIDS?

The answer is is a disease that can easily be prevented.


How can you avoid falling sick during the Monsoons.

Most of us wait for the rains and we love the feel of the water and the weather. However, there are also some infections that are commonly associated with the monsoon.


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Heartwarming to finally meet a doctor who showed genuine interest
in understanding my condition. It really has been years since I've met a doctor
with whom I've felt assured and comfortable. She explained the issue
and the reason for each medicine.

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Dr. Nirmala Rajagopalan: +919740396709
Christopher Skill: +918971832591

Clinic Timings:

General Physician: (consultation fee Rs. 500)

* This fee doesn't apply for dietary consultation. Also, certain complex issues would be subject to fee alterations after discussion with the patient.

All consultation by prior appointment only.

(consultation fee Rs. 1500 per hour)

All consultation by prior appointment only.

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